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Jurong Seventh-day Adventist Church

My Home, My Church

Join Our Weekly Live Worship

We invite you to join us for our weekly live worship services every Saturday at 9:30 am for our Chinese service and 11:15 am for our English service or online via our Facebook and YouTube



Whether you prefer to attend in person at our Jurong Church or watch online on Facebook or YouTube, we offer a welcoming and inclusive environment to connect with others and deepen your faith.

Church Pew

Start Here

The first Adventist Church appeared in Singapore in 1904. We have grown since then, and now have eight churches island-wide!  To find out more, visit

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Ministries & Events

We have ministries and events for every age group and life stage. Come journey and grow together with us!

Sabbath Service

9:30 am • Sabbath School
11:15 am • Worship Service

See you there!

Events Calendar

See what events we have coming up and what our ministries are up to!

About Jurong Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sharing Jesus, Flourish Together

We grow together in faith, hope and love
We shine God’s light in our lives, home and communities
We share of Jesus’ soon coming

Jurong Seventh-day Adventist Church is a Bible-believing Adventist church in Singapore. We are a richly diverse community of people of different ages and backgrounds, and we have ministries and activities for every demographic and age group. 

We would love to welcome you into our fold - our doors are open to every individual seeking God’s love and community!

Every Adventist A Disciple
Making Disciples For Jesus


Meet The Pastor

As the Pastor of Jurong Seventh-day Adventist Church, Pastor Christon Choo is passionate about helping people grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. He also seeks to make Jurong Church 'My Home My Church' to every person seeking God and community. 

He and his wife Huang Minhui answered the call to ministry, and work together to bring people to Jesus. 

Pastor Christon has a Masters in Ministry and a Bachelors in Counselling. He is also an avid soccer fan and proud father of two beautiful baby girls, Enya and Eva Choo.

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