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In the hustle and bustle of modern life in Singapore, we need some time out to recharge. Small Groups are a place where you can feel supported, encouraged and prayed for. Here in Jurong Church we have a wide range of small groups for all ages and walks of life.

In a small group, you will get the opportunity to build close friendships, learn more about God and be part of a loving family.

We have various small groups that can meet your needs. For more information, or to join a cell group, please contact us by call our office at 65610022 or dropping us an email!

Small Group Locations

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Small GroupWhereWhen
Men 1Towner RoadDate: 1st & 3rd Thursday/Month
Time: 7:30pm
Men 2ChurchDate: 1st & 3rd Tuesday/Month
Time: 7:30pm
Women Group 1ChurchDate: 2nd & 4th Friday/Month
Time: 7:30pm
Women Group 2
Towner RoadDate: 1st & 3rd Friday/Month
Youth Group
ChurchDate: 2nd & 4th Friday/Month
Time: 7:30pm
Young Adult 1ChurchDate: 2nd & 4th Friday/Month
Time: 7:30pm
Young Adult 2Towner RoadDate: 2nd & 4th Tuesday/Month
Time: 7:30pm
Young Adult 3Towner RoadDate: 2nd & 4th Wednesday/Month
Time: 7:30pm
Young Adult 4Towner RoadDate: 2nd & 4th Friday/Month
Time: 7:30pm
ChurchDate: Every Saturday 2:30pm
MyanmarJurong East St. 21Date: 1st & 3rdWednesday/Month
Time: 7:30pm
IndianChurchDate: Every Friday
Time: 8:00pm
FamilyBukit Batok Central LinkDate: 2nd & 3rd Friday/Month 
Time: 7:30pm
Young FamilyChurchDate: 1st Saturday /Month Time: 2pm