Ministry - Children's MinistryMinistry - Children's Ministry 2

We believe that if children are trained to walk along the right path, they will not leave it when they are older. (Proverbs 22:6) That is why our programs are designed to help parents guide their child to be more like Jesus. Programs such as our Children’s Sabbath School where your child can learn to praise God through songs and stories.

Taking advantage of the technology available today, we have a Gracelink Felt App that comes with a library of “felts” that can be used to tell almost any story from Scripture.


Ministry - Culinery Ministry 2Ministry - Culinery Ministry 1
Every Saturday our Culinary ministry works hard to cook up healthy and delicious meals for everyone who worships with us.

Our cuisine reflects our congregation with its international flavours; our lunch is never the same. We take food from all over the world and make it healthier and more nutritious. All the while keeping its unique and scrumptious taste.


Ministry - Pathfinder 1Ministry - Pathfinder 2
The Adventurers and Pathfinders are internationally recognised uniform groups for children aged 8 and above. Almost every Adventist Church in the world has an Adventurers or Pathfinders club. Their aim is to nurture self-confidence, discipline, spiritual growth, social responsibility, healthy living, outdoor survival and leadership skills through activities such as camps, drills and workshops. We also have Camporees which facilitate international exchanges between our clubs from around the world.

The name of our club is Eduro Pathfinders, from the latin word ‘Eduro’ which means “to last, endure, persist”.1 {needs citation} Eduro Pathfinders started in 2002 and meets every 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of each month (except June and December).



Ministry - Family 2Ministry - Family 1
The family unit is one of the most important building blocks of a healthy church. Our Family Ministry strives to strengthen the family units in Jurong English Church, and give support to the diverse families.

Through seminars, small groups, activities and fellowship, the Family Ministry seeks to help families in Jurong to become healthy, Christ-centered units.


Ministry - Community 1Ministry - Community 2
The Church is a part of the community, so Jurong English Church wants to play our part. Our aim is to be a blessing to those around us. One of the ways in which we support the community is by working closely with Yuhua Constituency in order that our various programs and services can better meet the needs of the less fortunate.

An example is our annual Pay It Forward Plus program. This is where our church bridges the gap between those who have and those who have less.

Other programs include health workshops, health screening, blood donation, parenting seminars, and much more. We are always looking for ways to further serve the community, so if you have any ideas, please let us know.


Ministry - International
Singapore today is a multicultural society with people from all over the globe working and living here. Jurong English Church is no different. We have an international presence of more than 10 countries worshiping with us. There is a strong and vibrant Filipino, Myanmar and Indian community in Jurong English Church, meeting the unique needs of each group.


Ministry - Men
The Men’s Ministry in Jurong English Church is focused on helping men to grow to be Men of God, leaders for Jesus in the home as well as in the workplace.

Men’s Ministry provides a safe place where men can share their struggles and challenges; supporting each other through difficult times. Through authentic sharing, they help build each other up to be transformed husbands and fathers-in-Christ.

We have two Men’s Small Groups. The Jurong Men’s Small Group meets every alternate Tuesday at Jurong English Church. The Towner Men’s Small Group meets every alternate Thursdays at Towner Road.

MULTIMEDIA (PA, Video, Slides design, etc)
Ministry - Multimedia 2Ministry - Multimedia

The Multimedia Ministry is the Ninjas of the church. No one notices us but the job gets done. From sound to videos and lights to slides, we have it covered.


Ministry - Sabbath School 2Ministry - Sabbath School 1
The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a worldwide movement. One of the unique features is our shared Bible study curriculum. Every Saturday morning, we meet in groups to study God’s word following this curriculum. We call these classes Sabbath School. No matter what age, there is a curriculum that is tailored to fit you.

Apart from meeting to study God’s word, this is a time to raise awareness of work carried out in other parts of the world and how we can support them through various means.

Sabbath School starts from 9:30am for Jurong English Church and all are welcome!


Ministry - MenMinistry - Small Group 1
We are not meant to go through life alone. We were designed to be part of a bigger community. Small groups create opportunities for people to experience life together. Here in Jurong English Church, our Small Groups meet regularly to study God’s Word, encourage, help and pray for each other. Our Small Groups are made up of 3 to 12 people and come in all shapes and sizes – married couples, singles, men’s, women’s, families, youth – the list goes on! No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you. Please contact us to join a small group or find out more!

Small Group Where When
Men 1 Towner Road 1st & 3rd Thursday/Month 7:30pm
Men 2 Church 1st & 3rd Tuesday/Month 7:30pm
Women Group 1 Church 2nd & 4th Friday/Month 7:30pm
Women Group 2 Towner Road 1st & 3rd Friday/Month
Youth Group Church 2nd & 4th Friday/Month 7:30pm
Young Adult 1 Church 2nd & 4th Friday/Month 7:30pm
Young Adult 2 Towner Road 2nd & 4th Tuesday/Month 7:30pm
Young Adult 3 Towner Road 2nd & 4th Wednesday/Month 7:30pm
Young Adult 4 Towner Road 2nd & 4th Friday/Month 7:30pm
Filipino Church Every Saturday 2:30pm
Myanmar Jurong East ST. 21 1st & 3rd Wednesday/Month 7:30pm
Indian Church Every Friday 8:00pm
Family Bukit Batok Central Link 2nd & 3rd Friday/Month 7:30pm
Young Family Church 1st Saturday/Month 2pm – 3pm

Ministry - Women
Women have many unique challenges in today’s world. Jurong Women’s Ministry exists to help women with their struggles and challenges, helping women to deepen their relationship with God and experience spiritual growth. The Women’s Ministry in Jurong English Church helps to provide opportunities for women to support and encourage one another. We believe in helping women to fulfil their fullest potential of using their gifts for the glory of God at home, work and in their community.

We have two Women’s Small Groups that meets every alternate Fridays at Jurong English Church and Towner Road. These groups provide a place where women can feel safe to share their feelings and concerns, and where they can feel affirmed and helped.


Ministry - Worship 1Ministry - Worship 2
“Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth. Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.” Psalm 100:1,2.

Come and worship with us!


Ministry - Young Adults 2Ministry - Young Adults 1
Jurong Young Adults Ministry is a passionate community of working young adults with a mission to reach out to their fellow professionals in Singapore. Though they have busy schedules, the Young Adults still meet together often to experience life together and encourage one another. Through activities, meetings and food, the Young Adult Ministry is a place where any young adult can find good friends and support. We have many Young Adult Small Groups around various parts of Singapore.


Ministry - Youth 1Ministry - Youth 2
Jurong Youth Ministry is a vibrant and enthusiastic group of young people ready and willing to serve God. Through activities, outings and small groups, Jurong Youth Ministry is the place where young people can belong, grow, have fun and worship God together!

Currently there are 5 Youth Small Groups that meet alternate Fridays in Jurong English Church. The different small groups are divided according to age, from 12 to early 20s.

Every first Saturday of the month, all the youth gather for “Power Up”, followed by “Social Night”– both programs where we worship God, play team building games, learn life skills and have fun all the way! We believe in providing a safe environment for our young people to explore their many interests. Currently, there are 4 focus areas in which the youth in Jurong can try their hand at — Cooking, Music, Sharing and Games.

Whether you are taking your PSLE, starting National Service or just entering university, Jurong Youth Ministry has a place for you!