Our Vision

The ACTS 2 Church: To be a growing Christ-centred church with a passion for God and people.

Our Mission : Tell the World

a. REACH UP (to God through bible study, prayer, Adventist bible study guides, and the Spirit of Prophesy, resulting in revival and faithfulness.
b. REACH OUT  (to others as a friendly church that puts Christ’s mission first, invites all people to fellowship and makes a difference daily in the community.
c. REACH ACROSS (the barriers that threaten to divide us as a family, endeavouring to disciple, nurture, and involve every individual in the life and the mission of the church.

Our Values

  1. Bible-based Teachings
  2. Holistic Small Groups
  3. Loving Relationships
  4. Inspiring Worship
  5. Need-oriented Evangelism
  6. Unity in Diversity
  7. Gift-based Service
  8. Faithful Stewardship
  9. Passionate Spirituality